EAST GOODMAN ROAD  1987 - Present


The East Goodman Group was formed in 1987.

Parkwood opened in April 1987, shortly afterward Memphis Intergroup sent reps to Parkwood for A.A. presentations. Jackie Duvall, Scotty Wilson and Brenda Gayson were among the first to fill out and send "East Goodman Road Group" information to New York for the first A.A. meeting at Parkwood on 8/22/17. One of about 100 A.A. meetings held at treatment centers.

With only one meeting a week at Parkwood, the patients were sent out in vans to other A.A. meetings. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays they were sent to Bullfrog Corner and the Catholic church in Hernando. 

Roger Foster and Judy were patients in December 1987 and they helped increase A.A. meetings to three per week. Sunday, Monday and Wednesday in the cafeteria and A.A. meetings on the unit on Fridays. 

Ralph Shaw, a patient beginning on November 1, 1987, still celebrates his birthday here with 29 years sobriety in 2016.

Other early patients and members include: Kenny W., Harold H., Ray P., and Grace. 

Deceased early members: Bill K., Charles M., Roger F., Tommy D.

Ron Y. attending East Goodman Road meetings in 1998 took over treasurer duties. 

In the early 2000s started meetings every day and patients until 5 years ago.


- Submitted by Ron Y.