Want to share a piece of Memphis AA history?

Fill out the form below and we'll arrange to either document your story or photograph an artifact you may want to share with us. Thanks for your interest in contributing to MAAC.



If you represent a group and want to have your group history added to the MAAC site, we will need 3 things to build the page:

1. FIll out the form below as detailed as possible. this form is for MAAC records and serves archival purposes. 

2. Provide a written narrative/story of your group's history (this will make up the content of your group page). The story should include but is not limited to: founding members info & anecdotes, special meetings, notable speakers, location details and location changes, any communication with gso or any other content you feel tells the history of your group.

* Please avoid the use of last names when referring to current, past or deceased members. when your group is happy with the piece please email it (.dox, .doc or ,.txt formats preferred) to memphisareaarchives@gmail.com

* Please feel free to attach any images of your meeting site, old locations, special events, significant members or any images that help visually tell your group's story. 

3. Print out and sign the MAAC consent form. This gives maac your group's permission to create a public page from the content you have provided. You can download the form here

* Submit the consent form by emailing it to memphisareaarchives@gmail.com, bringing it to our monthly meeting or by delivering it to the maia office with attn: maac

* Your group page will not be built until a consent form is received from your group. 

Thanks. We are looking forward to hearing from you all. 

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