T.G.I.S. 1992 - Present


Thank God I’m Sober (TGIS) 

Date: 10-31-2014

District 22

Prepared by Rhonda H. who is an active member in good standing of the TGIS Group.

Present Membership is 25 persons.

First Meeting held 2-1-1992 at 5:30 pm on Union Extended Ave. in Memphis, TN. This location was where the old Action Club which turned into the old Memphis Center (before Alexander St.) used to meet. It was a free standing building that was rented and used by multiple meetings at that time.

Founders/Early Members were Bill and Dawn Mc., A.D. F., and Dan C. and they no longer attend our meeting.

Date of the existence of TGIS is 2-1-1992 until the present, and it continues to grow. Meetings are held Monday through Saturday at 5:30 pm. Wednesdays are meetings held for the ladies only and Saturdays are open meetings. The last Saturday of each month are designated for member’s birthdays with a speaker at 5:30 pm followed by a pot-luck dinner at 6:30 pm. Business meetings are held the last Monday of each month at 6:30 pm.

Group History

In 1992, the TGIS Group began by splitting off from the Came To Believe Group after an argument related to singleness of purpose issues. A motion passed to allow people with any addiction to become members of the group. Four resentful people (who did not agree with this vote) bought a new coffee pot and went to the old Action Club on Union Extended Ave. and started the TGIS Group there at 5:30 pm. These 4 people are listed as our founders as well as our early members.

In 1996, all the meetings in the old Action Club moved to Alexander St. and became the Memphis Center. The membership began to increase rapidly at that time.

In 2007, the group had gained many new members and wanted to become independent. They moved to Galloway Methodist Church on Walker St. Unfortunately, the church was found to have structural issues and was sold several months after the meeting moved to this location.

In 2008, the meeting members found another church location where they could remain independent of other meetings. The TGIS meeting moved to Berclair Church of Christ, 4536