Traditions group was founded on January 8, 1975. The first meeting location was 1580 Panama Street, Memphis, TN. There was also an Al-Anon group which began at the same time, in the same location.

The AA group was founded by the following people: Milton Mc., Herman H., James D., Charlie C., John K., and Peggy M.  The Al-Anon group was founded by Joanne Mc., Earnestine H., Marie D., Martha C., and David M. Most of these members came from the Family Fellowship group. Family Fellowship group closed many years ago.

Early members of the group included Eddie C., Patsy C., Russ H., Jo H., Marilyn G., Eleanor F., Julian C., John F., Gerald J., Ray S., Joanne S., Dick D., Lewis P., Fran L., Jimmy H., Joyce S., Cliff K., Florian D., Bob D., Al G., Gene C., Walter L., and Joe K.

As of 2017 Milton McC is the only living founder. He has 44 years of sobriety.

The group has held meetings in several locations over the years.

1975: Orchi Street and Old Chesla

1977: Jackson and Villa

1997: 3599 Macon Road in a white building next door to Macon Road Church of Christ

August 2016: 2nd floor of Leawood Baptist Church, 3638 Macon Road

Originally the group met five nights a week. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday at 8:00 P.M.

All meetings were closed except for Thursday, which was open. Tuesday was a non-smoking meeting. 

Group birthdays were celebrated on the last Saturday of every month. Birthday celebration meetings are open. Group members bring food and eat about 6:30 P.M. There is a speaker at 8:00 P.M. Sometimes the speaker is a couple talk in which spouses share for approximately thirty minutes each. After the speaker each person celebrating a birthday receives a medallion. A cake is brought out and everyone sings happy birthday. 

Currently, in 2017, the group meets Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights at 8:00 P.M. All meetings are closed except for Thursday, which is open. Wednesday nights is a Big Book study. All meetings are non-smoking. Birthdays are celebrated on the last Saturday of each month.

There are quarterly meetings held with a speaker and potluck. They were originally started in order to draw in more people as the group was struggling. The group also used cake raffles before some meetings in order to meet expenses. 

Each January the group celebrates their anniversary with an eating meeting and a speaker. Flyers are sent out to the AA community to help celebrate Traditions group.